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We built with Ferro Homes over 4 years ago, and found the quality of construction and materials used to be superior to other builds that we have done. Ferro Homes attention to detail in customization was a key factor in our selection of builders and they have exceeded at each and every call. The driving factor in our process, was the ability to work hands on with Frank Ferro, the actual builder in creating our family home. We recommend Ferro Homes for any family looking to build a memorable experience.
David A., Westbrook Estates
We chose Ferro Homes as our builder because of their outstanding level of service. The builder was very personable and committed to making the smallest details perfect. Ferro Homes provided a beautiful, custom home that our family will grow into and call home for years to come.
Chris and Tiffany, Proud Ferro Homes owners since 2012
This was our second time building and I have to say our experience with Ferro Homes was phenomenal. The building process went really well. Not only did Frank build us a wonderfully constructed home but he was always open to our views and ideas which I promise you will not find with many other builders. Ferro is one of the good guys and we highly recommend him to anyone considering building.
Brian & Heather, Estates at Hidden Valley
Ferro Homes built our dream home. We had sold our prior home and needed a home built quickly. Frank went above and beyond our expectations and had our dream home completed 2 Months ahead of schedule! For anyone who wants not just a house but a HOME, we recommend Ferro Homes! Thanks for everything Frank.
Dawn & Frank, Village of Romeo
We moved into our new home about a year and a half ago and absolutely love it! My husband and I were so impressed throughout the entire construction process in terms of the accessibility, professionalism, and efficiency. We are now settled into our forever home and we have Ferro Homes to thank for it!
Matt & Erin, Estates at Hidden Valley
For the last four years, R & R Digging, LLC. has worked with Ferro Homes consistently providing them with quality garage footings and block work. Working with Ferro Homes continues to be a very professional and organized experience.
Ben Rizzo, R & R Digging, LLC.
Building our home with Frank Ferro was the best experience we could have hoped for. From beginning to end we knew every detail, saw beautiful photos of the progress, and most importantly the red carpet to customer service was always rolled out and ready for our constant questions! You will never find a better builder than this! Thank you, Frank … you know you made our dream come true.
Kathy & Cas, Estates at Hidden Valley
We are just beginning the process of building our dream home...but already we know we found the "perfect" builder for the job. Frank Ferro is always available for questions, answers his phone or returns calls promptly, and is there to give advice at every step of the process. For anyone considering building a home, Ferro Homes is the ONLY place to call.
Kathy & Cas, Estates at Hidden Valley
Frank is a thoughtful builder who takes tremendous pride in the homes he builds, and the families that live in his homes. Our company's mission is to help builders construct energy efficient cost-effective homes that exceed code requirements and deliver value to the end consumer who live in the homes. In order accomplish this, we often need the cooperation of the builder to change antiquated construction practices, and Frank is a builder who is open to new techniques, and conscientious once convinced of the merit and effectiveness.
D.R. Nelson & Associates

WG Heating & Cooling has been providing the installation of HVAC for Ferro Homes for over 30 years. Over the years I have found that Ferro Homes builds a quality home. They hire quality contractors for the construction of their homes. Ferro Homes are also finished on time. You will move in on schedule unlike some builders that run three to six months over schedule. Ferro Homes are one of the few builders I would consider for the construction of a new home for myself or friends and family.

Ferro Homes also has great customer service on warranty items after you move in.

I would strongly recommend Ferro Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new home.

William G., WG Heating & Cooling